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5 Things I Love About This Video

5. This song is so sweet and romantic! 4. I like watching people cook, especially breakfast, as it is my favorite. 3. Finally a song that is super easy to sing along with! 2. So THATS how you cut a … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Drinks of Brazil

I spent a perfectly relaxing week in Brazil with my family.  We saw the sights and drank the drinks!  Here were my highlights: 5. Caipirinha Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil, which I find perfectly appropriate.  It is refreshing … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Things I Just Don’t Understand

Dear Porteños, Try as I might, I just don’t understand you, and I’ve been wondering: 5. Is That Your Real Nose? Walking around Buenos Aires, you might wonder why everyone is covered in bandages.  With socialized medicine making plastic surgery … Continue reading

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