Take Me To Brunch Or Lose Me Forever

Here’s something about me: I don’t like going to the same restaurant twice, but I make exceptions for worthy invitations.

Dean suggested Olsen for brunch, but let me make the ultimate decision.  I suggested ten other restaurants, which we google searched, before ultimately landing on the initial suggestion.   It was sunny and we walked there.  My nose turned pink from the sunlight.

Olsen has a beautiful garden, with ponds and fountains and ivy climbing the walls and tall sculptures gracing the lawn.  Diners adorned in scarves and hats read the paper and quietly sipped cappuccinos on stylishly designed furniture.   The hostess lead us to a corner table inside.  We sat down and the waitress told us: “You can pay with visa or cash.” We laughed awkwardly at her unintended insinuation that we looked like we couldn’t (or wouldn’t) pay.

Olsen’s Menu is as confusing as an Ikea construction manual.  To order one must follow a defined progression of steps and rules and set choices.  I would venture to guess that the waitresses are rather tired of explaining it.

Once your order is assembled, the finished product is quite pleasing.  Omelette with fruit and yogurt and granola for her:

Gravlax and risotto for him:

To the delight of our keenly intuitive waitress, we decided that this was a brunch worth paying for, so we paid the bill.

The photos in this post were captured by the dashingly dapper Dean and his Nikon.

Gorriti 5870

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7 Responses to Take Me To Brunch Or Lose Me Forever

  1. andiperullo says:

    Brunch is the best! I’m so sad that I didn’t get to see you while I was in BA (I was busy dying from a virus), but I promise next time I’m there!!!

  2. Lovely writing Miss V and fab photos dapper Dean. Wish I could have spent the afternoon with you both x

  3. Jessica says:

    YUM. When are we going to brunch at HG?

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