Anuva Wines

For wine tasting in Buenos Aires, I happily recommend Anuva Wines.

Located in a charming boutique hotel in Palermo, Anuva’s wine tasting was so lovely that when it ended, all the guests lingered for forty-five minutes savoring the delightful experience.

Six delicious Argentine wines were sampled: one sparkling, one white and four red.  Each wine was paired with an equally scrumptious food to complement it.  Explanations of the wines, given by owner Daniel, were educational and entertaining.  His passion for wine is contagious, and his charismatic presentation of hand-selected wines is the finishing touch on an already perfect experience.

Anuva prepares a spread and presentation that can be appreciated by wine novice and expert alike.  One will learn about the entire wine making process – from grape harvesting to the scientific properties of wine’s chemical compounds, to bottling, aging and exporting.

Whether you’re a foodie, wine affectionado or tourist, Anuva’s wine tasting is a memorable experience of Buenos Aires, through the rosy view of a bottomless wineglass.

Find out more about Anuva Wines on their website.


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4 Responses to Anuva Wines

  1. Ruth Bosley says:

    Your father introduced me to your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your impressions and experiences in Argentina and must tell you that it sounds much more exciting than teaching English in Idaho. I think your grandmother would have been very proud of you! Enjoy your adventure and continue posting.

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